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Matt Bailey



Growing up, Matt Bailey’s natural curiosity constantly landed him in hot water. Elementary and middle school teachers used to provide him with three Popsicle sticks For each random question asked, he had to turn in an item! That’s how inquisitive Matt has always been about people, life, and the world around him.


In high school, his curiosity continued to blossom while studying theatre at a Performing Arts charter school. Originally (and still) a magician and ventriloquist, Matt’s love for media grew out of the variety arts. What is now his flagship celebrity talk show grew out of a podcast specifically for ventriloquists, magicians, and other family entertainers. This journey in media has seen Matt travel to Las Vegas to sit down with strip headliners; California to present on stage with Oscar-Winning Jurassic Park effects supervisor Michael Lantieri; and of course to cover a wide variety of political and entertainment stories in New York, his home base since 2013.


Matt’s philosophy puts the story first. The story itself is the bedrock to all quality content. That could be interviewing a legend like Bob Barker, or producing a podcast helmed by a former Mafioso, or reporting from the scene of a protest.  Matt believes that while people are attracted to a media personality's charisma, audiences stay for the stories those broadcasters share. 


In many ways, Matt is still that kid, just without the popsicle sticks! He is constantly asking questions, researching, and digging to find the greatest possible solutions for himself and his clients. Matt is the hardest working content producer, because he is never satisfied until he has answers that make every project he touches its very best.


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